PES operated by the German-Eastern European Laboratory for Energy Materials Research

The GELEM photoemission station is very flexible and demonstrate reliable performance for the whole variety of experiments of broad GELEM user community. Having several preparation chambers, fast-load systems, a number of insertion devises such as a flash-machine, evaporators, a cleavage system, a heating stage, a gas-inlet system etc., the station is a powerful instrument allowing to study fundamental properties of matter.

Selected Applications:
  • Research addresses electronic, chemical and structural properties of wide variety of materials and covers rather broad field of disciplines, scientific areas and applications: energy materials, conductive polymers for electrochemical applications, compositionally complex alloys, biomimetic materials, etc.




Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Beamline data
Energy range 80 - 1500 eV
Energy resolution up to 11000 @400 eV
Flux up to 2.5 10e11 photons/s/100 mA
Polarisation horizontal
Focus size (hor. x vert.) 150μm x <100 μm @500 eV, exit slit 210 µm, c = 2.25
Phone (030) 8062 - 13433
More details GELEM Dipole
Station data
Temperature range 110 – 300 K (measurement), 300-2300 K (sample preparation)
Pressure range UHV
  • A hemispherical electron energy analyzer SPECS PHOIBOS 150
  • Keithley ammeter for sample drain current measurements
  • MCP-detector for NEXAFS measurements in Partial Electron Yield mode
Manipulators For details contact the Instrument Scientist.
Sample holder compatibility Flag-style (Omicron) sample holders
Additional equipment Preparation chamber: mass-spectrometer for mass detections, LEED, evaporators, gas lines, ion sputtering gun, etc.
Ar glove box on site.