17T Cryomagnet with 3He/4He Dilution Refrigerator

Ultra low temperature system - under construction. 

The cryogenic system consists of a Oxford Instruments Kelvinox 400 dilution refrigerator and a Cryogenic Inc.17 T magnet. Due to the ongoing development of the instrument there is only limited access to the CM-17T for LaMMB users. At the moment only low temperature resistivity and magnetization (cantilever magnetometry) measurements can be performed on an occasional basis. 

The future measurement options of the CM-17T will include heat capacity, magnetocaloric effect and dielectric constant.

measurement options

Mag CM-17T, Res CM-17T

Technical data
Room LS106
Magnetic field (min-max) 17 T
Temperature (min-max) 10mK..10K
max. size of sample