Detector Test Station

Instrument description

The instrument is dedicated to the testing of neutron detectors for different applications. Important features of detectors like position resolution, homogeneity of response and efficiency can easily be tested. A variety of electronic modules and data acquisition systems guarantees for a high flexibility of this instrument. Detectors under investigation are placed on a motor driven XY-table which allows for a precise positioning (20 µm) in front of a fixed neutron beam. The range of the table is as large as 1100 mm for the vertical axis and 800 mm for the horizontal axis, respectively. The weight of the detector is limited to about 80 kg.


Neutron guide
Monochromator pyrolythic graphite (4 mm) with anarea of 8 x 1 cm2
Wave length λ = 0.335 nm
Flux 2.3·103 n/cm2
Instrument options