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Department Optics and Beamlines


The following devices and methods for characterisation of optical elements are available.

The insitu Metrology:

  • UHV-Reflectometer for at-wavelength metrology with Synchrotron radiation
  • UHV-Polarimeter for polarimetry with synchrotron radiation
  • Optics Beamline for UV and VUV synchrotron radiation
  • Hard X-ray test beamline (KMC-2)

The exsitu Metrology:

We have access to the HZB AZM Centre to share their technology for nanostructuring of optical surfaces such as electron beam writer and optical lithography, sputter- and evaporation chambers, etching and techno-chemical equipment and a new interference-microscope with stitching-option.

The Science Centre Adlershof offers excellent opportunities of scientific/technological cooperation with small- and medium-sized enterprices and institutes specialised in areas such as crystal growth, surface polishing, capillary optics, microstructuring, detector development, vacuum technology and UHV-high precision mechanical systems.