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Twinning CALIPSOplus - Registration (host)

Please complete the following form to register for the EU CALIPSOplus Twinning programme.

At the end there is a declaration of data protection. Please do not forget to read and acknowledge it.

Fields marked with * are mandatory.

Personal information

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Affiliation (employer)

Areas of interest

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Ion spectroscopy

To complete your scientific profile and match you with the most appropriate Twinning partner, please give a short description of your current research topics.

In which light sources are you currently scientifically active?

Thank you for completing your Twinning partner profile! We will contact you regarding assigned partners shortly.




Please Note: The collected personal data will be recorded and used for the following purposes only: The data will be processed for funding, statistical and administrative purposes connected with their research, and to statistically analyse the membership of the synchrotron user community.

In accordance with reporting requirements from the European Commission, data is collected by the CALIPSOplus project manager and therefore may be accessed by the CALIPSOplus project coordinators and the European Commission for official use only. It will remain confidential. The personal data will be kept safe and secure and will not be shared with other organisations without the knowledge of the users, unless this is required by law. If an email address is requested by the EC, this is solely for the purpose of conducting a mid-term review if necessary, and it will not be divulged to any third party, or used for marketing purposes.

The collected data will be erased from the HZB servers latest on the 31.12.2022.