ARPES One-Cube

1^3-ARPES ultra high resolution photoemission station

This instrument is designed for angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy at the highest energy resolution and ultimately low sample temperatures. In this system, all contributors to experimental broadening – the resolution of both the excitation source and the electron energy analyzer as well as the sample temperature – have been reduced to ≤1 meV or their equivalent, yielding the name of the station: 1 meV x 1 meV x 1 K = 1^3.

Inside One-Cubed ARPES

Inside One-Cubed ARPES



Remote access

depends on experiment - please discuss with Instrument Scientist

Beamline data
Energy range 4 - 200 eV
Energy resolution < 1 meV for E < 100 eV
Flux >1013 (photons/s/0.1%bw/100 mA)
Polarisation • linear any angle
• circular
Focus size (hor. x vert.) --
Phone +49 30 8062 14696
More details UE112_PGM-2b-1^3
Station data
Temperature range 1 - 50 K
Pressure range For details contact the station manager.
Detector Scienta R4000 Electron Spectrometer
Manipulators 3He Cryomanipulator with 3 translational and one rotational degree of freedom
Sample holder compatibility For details contact the station manager.
Additional equipment 4-grid LEED optics for sample characterization

This experiment is built in a collaborative effort by the IFW Dresden, TU Dresden and the HZB.