• Tessarek, C.; Figge, S.; Gust, A.; Heilmann, M.; Dieker, C.; Spiecker, E.; Christiansen, S.: Optical properties of vertical, tilted and in-plane GaN nanowires on different crystallographic orientations of sapphire. Journal of Physics D 47 (2014), p. 394008/1-9


Self-catalysed and self-organized GaN nanowires were grown on c-, a-, m- and r-plane sapphire by metal-organic vapour phase epitaxy. In dependence on the crystallographic orientation of the sapphire substrate, vertical, tilted and in-plane GaN nanowires were achieved. The nanowire orientation is visualized by scanning electron microscopy and analysed by x-ray diffraction. The influence of the sapphire nitridation step on the nanowire formation is investigated. Spatially and spectrally resolved cathodoluminescence studies are carried out on the GaN nanowires to analyse the influence of the GaN nanowire orientation as well as the presence of both N- and Ga-polar sections in a single nanowire on the optical properties.