• Zu, F.; Warby, J.H.; Stolterfoht, M.; Li, J.; Shin, D.; Unger, E.; Koch, N.: Photoinduced Energy-Level Realignment at Interfaces between Organic Semiconductors and Metal-Halide Perovskites. Physical Review Letters 127 (2021), p. 246401/1-6

Open Access Version

In contrast to the common conception that the interfacial energy-level alignment is affixed once the interface is formed, we demonstrate that heterojunctions between organic semiconductors and metal-halide perovskites exhibit huge energy-level realignment during photoexcitation. Importantly, the photoinduced level shifts occur in the organic component, including the first molecular layer in direct contact with the perovskite. This is caused by charge-carrier accumulation within the organic semiconductor under illumination and the weak electronic coupling between the junction components.