• Trinh, C.T.; Preissler, N.; Sonntag, P.; Muske, M.; Jäger, K.; Trahms, M.; Schlatmann, R.; Rech, B.; Amkreutz, D.: Potential of interdigitated back-contact silicon heterojunction solar cells for liquid phase crystallized silicon on glass with efficiency above 14%. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 174 (2018), p. 187-195

Open Access Version

Liquid phase crystallization of silicon (LPC-Si) on glass is a promising method to produce high quality multi-crystalline Si films with macroscopic grains. In this study, we report on recent improvements of our interdigitated back-contact silicon heterojunction contact system (IBC-SHJ), which enabled open circuit voltages as high as 661 mV and efficiencies up to 14.2% using a 13 µm thin n-type LPC-Si absorbers on glass. The influence of the BSF width on the cell performance is investigated both experimentally and numerically. We combine 1D optical simulations using GenPro4 and 2D electrical simulations using Sentaurus™ TCAD to determine the optical and electrical loss mechanisms in order to estimate the potential of our current LPC-Si absorbers. The simulations reveal an effective minority carrier diffusion length of 26 µm and further demonstrate that a doping concentration of 4×1016 cm-3 and a back surface field width of 60 µm are optimum values to further increase cell efficiencies.