• Köppel, G.; Eisenhauer, D.; Rech, B.; Becker, C.: Combining tailor-made textures for light incoupling and light trapping in liquid phase crystallized silicon thin-film solar cells. Optics Express 25 (2017), p. A467-A472

Open Access Version

We present tailor-made imprinted nanostructures for light management in liquid phase crystallized silicon thin-film solar cells providing both, increased jsc by enhanced absorption and excellent electronic material-quality with Voc values >640mV. All superstrate textures successfully enhance light in-coupling in 10-20µm thick liquid phase crystallized silicon thin-films. Moreover, the effect of combining imprinted textures at the front side with individually optimized light trapping schemes at the rear side of the absorber layers on the optical properties is analyzed. A maximum achievable short-circuit current density of 37.0mA/cm2 is obtained, an increase by +1.8mA/cm2 (or 5.1%) compared to the optimized planar reference.