• Barth, C.; Probst, J.; Herrmann, S.; Hammerschmidt, M.; Becker, C.: Numerical characterization of symmetry properties for photonic crystals with hexagonal lattice. In: Dario Gerace ... [Ed.] : Photonic Crystal Materials and Devices XII Bellingham, Washington: SPIE, 2016 (Proceedings of SPIE ; 9885), p. 988506/1-12

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We present a numerical method to characterize the symmetry properties of photonic crystal (PhC) modes based on field distributions, which themselves can be obtained numerically. These properties can be used to forecast specific features of the optical response of such systems, e.g. which modes are allowed to couple to external radiation fields. We use 2D PhCs with a hexagonal lattice of holes in dielectric as an example and apply our technique to reproduce results from analytical considerations. Further, the method is extended to fully vectorial problems in view of 3D PhCs and PhC slabs, its functionality is demonstrated using test cases and, finally, we provide an efficient implementation. The technique can thus readily be applied to output data of all band structure computation methods or even be embedded – gaining additional information about the mode symmetry.