• Le, K.; von Toperczer, F.; Ünlü, F.; Paramasivam, G.; Mathies, F.; Nandayapa, E.; List-Kratochvil, E.J.W.; Fischer, T.; Lindfors, K.; Mathur, S.: Electrospun Electroluminescent CsPbBr3 Fibers as Flexible Perovskite Networks for Light-Emitting Application. Advanced Engineering Materials 25 (2023), p. 2201651/1-8

Open Access Version

Thin-film perovskite light-emitting diodes have gained increasing attention in the last 6 years. With the possibility to process the emitting layer from solution, the way for 1D morphology of the semiconductor for flexible devices is paved. Herein, for the first time single-step fabrication of CsPbBr3@PVP nanofibers in a customized electrospinning process performed under ambient conditions from a water-based precursor solution is reported. The water-based approach allows the incorporation of a conductive polymer into the compound fiber by blending the perovskite precursor ink with commercially available PEDOT:PSS dispersion. The results demonstrate electrospun fiber mats which are stable at ambient conditions for at least 5 months and can be utilized in electroluminescence devices. Photoluminescence studies on the perovskite fibers reveal a blueshift of the emission peak compared to thin films possibly due to the generation of nanocrystals of ≈12 nm by in situ nanocrystal pinning as confirmed by transmission electron microscopy. A proof-of-concept electrically pumped light-emitting device is built with the obtained fiber mat. The perovskite nanofibers offer promising applications in flexible and stretchable optoelectronics.