Potential-Seebeck-Microprobe / PSMII

For studying samples which show an inhomogeneous sample composition, spatially resolved measurements of the electrical conductivity σ and the Seebeck coefficient S are of special interest. In our laboratory a Potential-Seebeck-Microprobe PSMII (PANCO GmbH) is available which measures S and σ of a sample surface spatially resolved with a resolution of up to 5 μm.

Temperature room temperature
Scanning area max. 100 mm x 100 mm
Local resolution up to 5 μm
Position accuracy 0.05 μm unidirectional, 1 μm bidirectional
Signal resolution 100 nV
Measurement range 100 S/cm...10000 S/cm
Uncertainty of S ±3% for semiconductors, ±5% for metals
Uncertainty of σ ±4%
Reproducibility of S ±3%
Reproducibility of σ ±3%