PhD thesis:
1991 at the Institut for Solar Energy Research in Hannover (ISFH)
Title: "The photoelectrochemistry of silicon carbide"

Current status:
Senior scientist at PVcomB/HZB

Current research activity:
X-ray based analysis of surfaces and interfaces of chalkopyrite thin film solar cells at BESSY. Development of CIGS/perovskite tandem devices.

BESSY address
Phone: 0049-30 8062-15694
Room: 6216 (HMI-annex at BESSY)
Albert-Einstein-Str. 15
12489 Berlin

Selected Publications


  • Lin, X.; Madhavanc, V.E.; Kavalakkatt, J.; Hinrichs, V.; Lauermann, I.; Lux-Steiner, M.Ch.; Ennaoui, A.; Klenk, R.: Inkjet-printed CZTSSe absorbers and influence of sodium on device performance. Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 180 (2018), p. 373-380

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  • El-Nagar, Gumaa A.; Hassan, Mohamed A.; Fetyan, Abdulmonem; Kayarkatte, Manoj Krishna; Lauermann, Iver; Roth, Christina: A Promising N-doped Carbon-Metal Oxide Hybrid Electrocatalyst Derived from Crustacean’s Shells: Oxygen Reduction and Oxygen Evolution. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 214 (2017), p. 137-147

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  • Olar, T.; Manoharan, A.; Draxl, C.; Calvet, W.; Ümsur, B.; Parvan, V.; Chacko, B.; Xie, H.; Saucedo, E.; Valle-Rios, L.E.; Neldner, K.; Schorr, S.; Lux-Steiner, M.Ch.; Lauermann, I.: Valence and conduction band edges of selenide and sulfide-based kesterites - a study by x-ray based spectroscopy and ab initio theory. Semiconductor Science and Technology 32 (2017), p. 104010/1-7

  • Wang, Y.; Steigert, A.; Yin, G.; Parvan, V.; Klenk, R.; Schlatmann, R.; Lauermann, I.: Cu2O as a Potential Intermediate Transparent Conducting Oxide Layer for Monolithic Perovskite-CIGSe Tandem Solar Cells. Physica Status Solidi C 14 (2017), p. 1700164/1-6

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  • Bercegol, A.; Chacko, B.; Klenk, R.; Lauermann, I.; Lux-Steiner, M.Ch.; Liero, M.: Point contacts at the copper-indium-gallium-selenide interface - a theoretical outlook. Journal of Applied Physics 119 (2016), p. 155304-155304-7

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  • Bröker, S.; Kück, D.; Timmer, A.; Lauermann, I.; Ümsür, B.; Greiner, D.; Kaufmann, C.A.; Mönig, H.: Correlating the Local Defect-Level Density with the Macroscopic Composition and Energetics of Chalcopyrite Thin-Film Surfaces. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 7 (2015), p. 13062-13072

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