• Göbel, M.; Kirsch, S.; Schwarze, L.; Schmidt, L.; Scholz, H.; Haußmann, J.; Klages, M.; Scholta, J.; Markötter, H.; Alrwashdeh, S.; Manke, I.; Müller, B.R.: Transient limiting current measurements for characterization of gas diffusion layers. Journal of Power Sources 402 (2018), p. 237-245


The water management in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) is strongly influenced by the design of the gas diffusion layers (GDL). Limiting current measurements in small-scale cells operating at high stoichiometries are useful to determine the oxygen transport resistance. The oxygen transport resistance increases, once water condenses inside the GDL. In this study a new electrochemical method for voltage loss estimation of GDL induced oxygen transport losses are presented. This new method, referred to as “transient limiting current” (TLC), is compared with the literature method. TLC allows a direct estimation of oxygen transport resistance at an arbitrarily conditioned state. This study also presents a case study of liquid water visualization of a PEM fuel cell with varying GDLs types. With the help of quasi in-situ synchrotron X-ray computed tomography and time resolved radiography measurements we investigate appearance and distribution of liquid water inside the GDLs under limiting current conditions.