Denker, A.; Laurenze-Landsberg, C.; Kleinert, K.; Schröder-Smeibidl, B.: Paintings Reveal Their Secrets: Neutron Autoradiography Allows the Visualization of Hidden Layers. In: Springer, Cham [Ed.] : Neutron Methods for Archaeology and Cultural Heritage. Cham: Springer, 2016 (Neutron Scattering Applications and Techniques). - ISBN 978-3-319-33161-4, p. 41-52

The modern art history uses new methods for non-invasive investigation of valuable artifacts. Investigations of paintings by neutron beams benefit from the strong penetration power of neutron, the possibility for elemental analysis by using neutron activation analysis and the interaction of neutrons with light elements. Thus, neutron autoradiography allows the visualization of structures and layers beneath the top surface in a one to one scale.