Riechardt, A.I.; Cordini, D.; Rehak, M.; Hager, A.; Seibel, I.; Böker, A.; Gundlach, E.; Heufelder, J.; Joussen, A.M.: Trabeculectomy in patients with uveal melanoma after proton beam therapy. Graefe's Archive for Clinical and experimental Ophthalmology 254 (2016), p. 1379-1385

BACKGROUND: Retrospective evaluation of intraocular pressure, use of topical and systemic anti-glaucoma medication, secondary complications, local tumor control and survival in patients treated with trabeculectomy for the regulation of the intraocular pressure (IOP) after proton beam therapy for uveal melanoma. METHODS: In this retrospective clinical case series we evaluated the follow-up of 15 patients receiving a trabeculectomy as surgical treatment if the IOP could not be lowered adequately by medications or laser surgery. All patients had received proton beam therapy for uveal melanoma at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin between 1998 and 2010. RESULTS: The median IOP decreased significantly from 35 mmHg ± 8.8 before TE to 16 mmHg ± 8.2 (=52.3 %) six months after TE (Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney-U Test, p<0.01). None of the patients needed any glaucoma medication six months after trabeculectomy. Two patients developed local recurrence during follow-up, which were independent of the trabeculectomy. One patient had to be enucleated due to intractable pain and suspected remaining tumor activity. One patient died due to metastasis. CONCLUSIONS: Trabeculectomy is an option in intractable glaucoma in patients with uveal melanoma after proton beam therapy in single cases. Secondary interventions are common. Inoculation metastases are possible. Secure local tumor control must be a prerequisite for filtrating operations.