• Greco, G.; Verna, A.; Offi, F.; Stefani, G.: Space-charge effect in electron time-of-flight analyzer for high-energy photoemission spectroscopy. Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 212 (2016), p. 86-93

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The space-charge effect, due to the instantaneous emission of many electrons after the absorption of a single photons pulse, causes distortion in the photoelectron energy spectrum. Two calculation methods have been applied to simulate the expansion during a free flight of clouds of mono- and bi-energetic electrons generated by a high energy pulse of light and their results have been compared. The accuracy of a widely used tool, such as SIMION® , in predicting the energy distortion caused by the space-charge has been tested and the reliability of its results is verified. Finally we used SIMION® to take into account the space-charge effects in the simulation of simple photoemission experiments with a time-of-flight analyzer.