• Tengattini, A.; Kardjilov, N.; Helfen, L.; Douissard, P.A.; Lenoir, N.; Markötter, H.; Hilger, A.; Arlt, T.; Paulisch, M.; Turek, T.; Manke, I.: Compact and versatile neutron imaging detector with sub-4μm spatial resolution based on a single-crystal thin-film scintillator. Optics Express 30 (2022), p. 14461-14477

Open Accesn Version

A large and increasing number of scientific domains pushes for high neutron imaging resolution achieved in reasonable times. Here we present the principle, design and performance of a detector based on infinity corrected optics combined with a crystalline Gd3Ga5O12 : Eu scintillator, which provides an isotropic sub-4 µm true resolution. The exposure times are only of a few minutes per image. This is made possible also by the uniquely intense cold neutron flux available at the imaging beamline NeXT-Grenoble. These comparatively rapid acquisitions are compatible with multiple high quality tomographic acquisitions, opening new venues for in-operando testing, as briefly exemplified here.