• Denker, A.; Kardjilov, N.; Schröder-Smeibidl, B.: Neutron Activation Autoradiography for Investigation of paintings. In: Sebastiano D'Amico - Valentina Venuti [Ed.] : Handbook of cultural heritage analysis / chapter 12. Cham: Springer International Publishing, 2022 Springer Nature Reference. - ISBN 978-3-030-60015-0, p. 305-314

Neutron autoradiography (NAR) is a nondestructive method for materials characterization and analysis of applied techniques in paintings of prominent masters. The NAR technique allows for visualization of different paint layers, based on the detection of different dominant radioisotopes produced by neutron irradiation, in contrast to the X-ray radiography which is sensitive to the distribution of heavy elements only. In many cases, the individual brushstrokes applied by the artist are made visible, as well as changes made during the painting process. When investigating paintings that have been reliably authenticated, it is possible to identify the individual style of an artist.