Makhija, V.; Veyrinas, K.; Boguslavskiy, A.E.; Forbes, R.; Wilkinson, I.; Lausten, R.; Neville, S.P.; Pratt, S.T.; Schuurman, M.S.; Stolow, A.: Ultrafast Molecular Frame Electronic Coherences from Lab Frame Scattering Anisotropies. Journal of Physics B 53 (2020), p. 114001/1-13
Open Accesn Version

Electronic coherences in molecules are ultrafast charge oscillations on the Molecular Frame (MF) and their direct observation and separation from electronic population dynamics is challenging. Here we present a valence shell Lab Frame (LF) scattering method suited to probing electronic coherences in isolated systems. MF electronic coherences lead to LF electronic anisotropies observable by ultrafast angle-resolved scattering. Moment analysis of the LF anisotropy completely separates electronic coherences from population dynamics, demonstrated in excited state NH3 using ultrafast time-energy-angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy. This general approach applies equally to attosecond/femtosecond electronic coherences in isolated systems.