• Köppel, G.; Amkreutz, D.; Sonntag, P.; Yang, G.; van Swaaij, R.; Isabella, O.; Zeman, M.; Rech, B.; Becker, C.: Facing the challenge of liquid phase crystallizing silicon on textured glass substrates. In: Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC), 2016 IEEE 43rd. IEEE , 2016. - ISBN 978-1-5090-2724-8 , p. 0672-0677

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A major limitation in current liquid phase crystallized (LPC) silicon thin-film record solar cells are optical losses caused by their planar glass-silicon interface. In this study, silicon is grown on nanoimprinted periodically as well as on randomly textured glass substrates and successfully implemented into state-of-the-art LPC silicon thin-film solar cell stacks. By systematically varying every layer the whole sample stack is optimized regarding its anti-reflection ability. Compared to an optimized planar reference device, a reduction of reflection losses by -3.5% (absolute) on the random and by -9.4% (absolute) on the periodic texture has been achieved in the wavelength range of interest.