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School Lab

Project Days at the Lise-Meitner Campus, Berlin-Wannsee

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions of the HZB tours around the campus are currently not possible. 

Project Days for Higher Grades

Energy - Converting and Storing

grade 11-13:  24 participants, 9 am till 3 pm
renewable energy sources, wind power and photovoltaics, measuring energy quantities, efficiency in conversion and storage processes
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Magnetism and Supra-Conductors

grade 10:  24 participants, 9 am till 2 pm
grade 11-13:  24 participants, 9 am till 3 pm
properties of magnetic fields, elektromagnetism, magnetizer, eddy currents, diamagnetism, supra-conduction, experiments with liquid nitrogen
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Solar Energy Research

grade 7-8: 28 participants, 9 am till 1 pm
grade 9-10: 28 participants, 9 am till 2 pm
grade 11-13: 28 participants, 9 am till 3 pm
construction of dye solar cells, experiments with solar cells, operation of an end consumer, optional determination of the current-voltage characteristic and the efficiency.
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At the moment we only offer workshops at our school lab in Berlin-Adlershof. If you are interested to join, please send an email to: schuelerlabor@helmholtz-berlin.de. We will contact as soon as there is a spot available. 

Further Training for Teachers

You will find informations about further training for teachers here. 

Project Days

Project days for the grades 5 to 13 can be booked through our online form. Due to the great demand we can only offer two dates per school and half of the school year. Dates are only available for the topics and grades listed in the online form.