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School Lab

Project Days at the Wilhelm-Conrad-Röntgen Campus (BESSY II), Berlin-Adlershof

Project Days for Higher Grades

Interference and Diffraction

grade 11 and higher: 20 participants, 9 am tilll 3 pm
Wave characteristics of light, introduction into interference and diffraction, structural research with electromagnetic radiation 
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Solar Energy Research

grade 7-8: 28 participants, 9 am till 1 pm
grade 9-10: 28 participants, 9 am till 2 pm
grade11-13: 28 participants, 9 am till 3 pm
building of dye solar cells, experiments with solar cells, operation of an end consumer, optional: determination of the current-voltage characteristic and the efficiency
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Material Research

grade 7-8: 28 spots, 9am till 1pm
grade 9-10: 28 spots, 9am till 2pm
grade 11-13: 28 spots, 9am till 11:30am or 12:30pm till 3pm
properties of materials, structure of the matter, experiments with shape memory alloys, optional: liquid cristals
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In our school lab in Berlin-Adlershof pupils from different schools meet up once a week to research various topics of the natural sciences and technology under the guidance of one or more of our student assistants. There are two age groups: grades 5/6 and grades 7-10.

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