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Clean Room

All facilities of the clean room can be used only by employees of the HZB. For guests, the use of cleanroom facilities is only possible as services through the clean room staff. The processes to be carried out should not constitute a danger for the quality of the clean room and for the silicon samples usually treated there.

The clean room is equipped with:

  • RCA wet bench: for the implementation of the RCA cleaning and RF Dips with silicon samples of 4-inch diameter, or 125 and 156 mm edge length. The wet bench has two heated pools for the quartz RCA1- and RCA2 step, a tank to undertake RF dips and a Quick Dump Rinser tank, for rinsing the purified samples in ultrapure water.
  • RCA spin process: to carry out RCA cleaning steps on individual wafers up to 6 inches in diameter. The treatment can be performed on only one side here respectively. If both sides should be cleaned, the wafer must be turned.
  • Texturing wet bench: for etching random pyramids on silicon samples in alkaline solutions. The wet bench has a heated pool with circulation pump for carrying out the texturing processes, a basin for conducting RF dips and a quick dump rinser for rinsing the samples in ultra-pure water.
  • Spin-rinse-Dryer for washing and drying of purified silicon samples with 4-inch diameter or 125 and 156 mm edge length. The samples are first rinsed with ultrapure water and then dried with warm nitrogen.
  • Optical microscope: for sample control. The NIKON-microscope allows magnifications of 50x, 200x, 100x, 500x, 1500x in brightfield and darkfield.