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Beamline Performance Data

The optical performance of the EMIL beamline was intensively calculated with RAY [1].

The spot sizes are approximately 45 × 10 µm² and 120 x 10 µm² for the soft and hard branch, respectively.

The angular ranges of both the plane grating monochromators are up to 15.3° for the mirror and 19.1° for the gratings.

This allows for a wide operating energy range without grating change. At the standard cff-factor (2.25) the usable energy range is 70 – 2000 eV.

The performance for the endstations SISSY-I, SISSY-II and CAT will be similar.

Figure 1 shows the estimated resolving power (left side) and photon flux at sample position (right side) for the soft X-ray beamline as a function of energy and cff-factor.php

Figure 2 photon flux and resolving power for soft and hard X-ray beamline (here shown for cff = 3 in PGM-operation).

  1. F. Schäfers, RAY - the BESSY raytrace program, (In Springer Series in Modern Optical Sciences: Modern Developments in X-Ray and Neutron Optics, eds. A. Erko, M. Idir, Th. Krist, A.G. Michette), Springer Berlin/Heidelberg, Vol. 137, pp. 9-41 (2008).