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Rules of Procedure for the International Advisory Committee of the Energy Materials In-situ Lab Berlin “EMIL” (IAC-EMIL)

Task of the IAC-EMIL

The Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie in cooperation with the Max-Planck Society constructs and operates the Energy Material In-Situ Lab Berlin (EMIL). EMIL is a dedicated research infrastructure for a knowledge-based approach towards tailoring new material systems for the next generation of energy converting and storing devices. EMIL will allow a fast and direct feedback between sophisticated analytics and state-of-the-art processing facilities for a broad variety of material classes. Task of the IAC-EMIL is counseling of the HZB on scientific topics, experimental infrastructure and operation/user organization of the EMIL.

Membership and Chairperson

The members of the IAC are scientists of international reputation and experience and managers from industrial companies who do not have a close connection to HZB. The members are appointed by the Board of Directors of HZB. The IAC membership can be terminated anytime from both sides without giving reasons. Every three years the composition of the IAC-EMIL will be reviewed. The members of the IAC-EMIL appoint a chairperson. The IAC-EMIL reports to the HZB Board of Directors and the Scientific Advisory Committee(SAC).


The IAC-EMIL meets at least once a year at the EMIL site in Berlin Adlershof. The scientific output, status and operations of EMIL are presented in a HZB-public session. Reports on special topics can be demanded by the IAC-EMIL. In a closed session the members of the IAC-EMIL elaborate the recommendations for the operation and future development of the EMIL.

Reimbursement of expenses

The members serve on a voluntary basis on the panel. HZB reimburses their expenses for travel and subsistence for participation in the meetings on the basis of the German Reisekostenrecht.

Responsibilities of the IAC-EMIL

The IAC-EMIL members counsel the HZB on:

  • the quality of the science performed at the EMIL facility
  • the organization of the user access
  • future orientation on scientific topics,
  • upgrading of the scientific experimental infrastructure,
  • optimization of the Laboratory operation
  • optimized collaborations with industry.

They examine and discuss the status and upgrade proposals for the EMIL. The assessments are addressed to the HZB Board of Directors and the SAC.

Responsibilities of HZB

Members of the IAC-EMIL are independent of HZB and not bound to directives from members of the HZB. HZB will supply the members of the IAC-EMIL with all necessary Information for the assessment of the status and the operation of the EMIL laboratory

EMIL-IAC Januarty 2016