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PVcomB staff

We are a motivated team of scientists and engineers. In a close collaboration between Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB), Technische Universität Berlin (TUB), the University of Applied Sciences Berlin (HTW) and other partners we educate qualified engineers and academics.

The appearance in the list is voluntary and therefore not complete.

Schlatmann, Prof. Dr. Rutger rutger.schlatmann@helmholtz-berlin.de Photovoltaics, From Materials to Systems
Rau, Dr. Björn bjoern.rau@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader Technology & Baseline, BIPV
McBeath, Annett annett.mcbeath@helmholtz-berlin.de
Group leader
Amkreutz, Dr. Daniel daniel.amkreutz@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader Thin Film Catalysts
Calnan, Dr. Sonya sonya.calnan@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader PV to Fuels Technology
Kaufmann, Dr. Christian kaufmann@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader CIGS PVD-Processing
Klenk, Dr. Reiner klenk@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader CIGS Sequential Processing
Lauermann, Dr. Iver iver.lauermann@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader CIGS Analytics
Stannowski, Prof. Dr. Bernd bernd.stannowski@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader Silicon
Ulbrich, Dr. Carolin carolin.ulbrich@helmholtz-berlin.de Group Leader Outdoor Performance Analysis
Bagacki, Rory rory.bagacki@helmholtz-berlin.de PV to Fuels Technology
Bertram, Dr. Tobias tobias.bertram@helmholtz-berlin.de CIGS PVD-Processing
Bunn, Bianka bunn@helmholtz-berlin.de CIGS PVD-Processing
Dorbandt, Iris dorbandt@helmholtz-berlin.de PV to Fuels Technology
Elmiger, Dr. Jan elmiger@helmholtz-berlin.de Technologie-Transfer
Gili de Villasante, Albert albert.gili@helmholtz-berlin.de Thin Film Catalysts
Hänel, Tobias tobias.haenel@helmholtz-berlin.de Baseline Processing Analytics
Harter, Angelika angelika.harter@helmholtz-berlin.de Silicon
Henschel, Tobias tobias.henschel@helmholtz-berlin.de Silicon
Janke, Stefan stefan.janke@helmholtz-berlin.de Silicon
Khenkin, Dr. Mark mark.khenkin@helmholtz-berlin.de Outdoor Performance Analysis
Kirsch, Michael kirsch@helmholtz-berlin.de CIGS Sequential Processing
Kleesiek, Jannik Niels jannik.kleesiek@helmholtz-berlin.de Laser Processes & Printing
Kurpiers, Dr. Jona jona.kurpiers@helmholtz-berlin.de Silicon
Lauche, Jakob jakob.lauche@helmholtz-berlin.de CIGS PVD-Processing
Münchenberg, Tim muenchenberg@helmholtz-berlin.de CIGS PVD-Processing
Muske, Martin 8062 - 15041 muske@helmholtz-berlin.de Thin Film Catalysts
Prathapani, Sateesh 8062 - 18170 CIGS Analytics
Reiche, Martin martin.reiche@helmholtz-berlin.de Silicon
Reinhardt, Maximilian maximilian.reinhardt@helmholtz-berlin.de PV to Fuels Technology
Riedel, Maximilian maximilian.riedel@helmholtz-berlin.de Outdoor Performance Analysis
Schultz, Christof christof.schultz@helmholtz-berlin.de Laser Processes
HTW Berlin
Wang, Dr. Qiong qiong.wang@helmholtz-berlin.de Silicon
Zelt, Matthias 8062 - 18144
matthias.zelt@helmholtz-berlin.de Baseline Processing CVD
Aden, Samira Jama samira.aden@helmholtz-berlin.de BAIP
Kühn, Thorsten thorsten.kuehn@helmholtz-berlin.de BAIP
Albinius, Niklas 8062 - 17148 niklas.albinius@helmholtz-berlin.de BAIP