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Project Tailored Disorder

01 - Tailoring diffusive transport of light

A large part of linear optics & photonics aims at achieving specific functions of optical systems and devices by molding the flow of light. In ballistic optics, this task is routinely accomplished by tailoring spatial distributions of the refractive index (tensor). In the case of disordered light-scattering media, the situation used to be less clear. Broadly speaking, the aim of this project is to solve this task by designing and realizing spatial distributions of the light diffusivity (tensor). More specifically, we focus on invisibility cloaking structures. Possible applications include high-end security features and the homogenization of the light emission from large-area OLEDs by making top metal contacts invisible. The latter aspect is in collaboration with Uli Lemmer’s group in this DFG-SPP.


  • Prof. Martin Wegener
  • Andreas Niemeyer


  • Invisibility Cloaking in a Diffusive Light Scattering Medium, R. Schittny, M. Kadic, T. Bückmann, and M. Wegener, Science 345, 427 (2014)
  • Transient behavior of invisibility cloaks for diffusive light propagation, R. Schittny, A. Niemeyer, M. Kadic, T. Bückmann, A. Naber, and M. Wegener, Optica 2, 84 (2015)
  • Diffuse-light all-solid-state invisibility cloak, R. Schittny, A. Niemeyer, M. Kadic, T. Bückmann, A. Naber, and M. Wegener, Opt. Lett. 40, 4202 (2015)