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Innovation Lab HySPRINT

Laser Lab

The laser laboratory offers three high-power continuous wave diode lasers with wavelengths ranging from 808 nm to 980 nm. The line lengths range from a little over 30 mm up to 130 mm, the line widths are between only 170 μm up to 1.7 mm (FWHM).

This laser equipment enables large-scale, thermal treatment of a very wide variety of materials and material systems at a wide range of intensities and extremely high heating and cooling rates.  An integrated dual-axis motion system and a high-performance thermal heater afford precise motion and preheating of the samples during processing and provide additional experimental freedom to study a variety of heating and cooling profiles as well as light matter interaction times in  material processing.

The availability of almost all methods of materials diagnostics and materials testing on site at HZB enables a complete on demand characterization of the processed materials as required.


Thermal materials processing

  • hardening
  • preheating   
  • crystallizing
  • annealing
  • sintering
  • drying
  • activating