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Innovation Lab HySPRINT

Glasstech trade fair, 22-23rd October 2018, Düsseldorf

The Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT took part on the biggest trade fair for glass in the world.

Glasstech-2 - enlarged view

© Messe Düsseldorf /ctillmann


The largest international trade fair focused on glass material, "Glasstech", attracts the representatives of companies, researchers and architects from all over the world. In fact, academia was slightly represented on the symposium indicating the necessity of technology transfer from the research institutions to manufacturers. Dr. Paul Harten from HySPRINT was one of the very few selected scientists to contribute in the “Function meets glass” technology conference. Glass production, new application and even design of glass products were discussed on the plenary sessions followed by the industry exhibition.

Harten presented the HySPRINT project stressing the variety of applications of the perovskite and silicon devices realized on glass substrates. Solar cells and photovoltaics are currently gaining the interest among the glass developers and producers. During the symposium, Harten has introduced HySPRINT to many engaged industry delegates and exchanged plenty of contacts. He has networked with the possible collaborator from the automobile manufacturing that showed a genuine interest to the facilities and results of this Helmoltz Innovation Lab.

“Participation in this kind of events broadens the understanding of the real time picture of the state of affairs in industry”, - notes Harten. Indeed, staying up to date helps to deliver effectively the developments in research to the final consumers via the industrial partners. Likewise, one of the most ongoing topics in glass business is the multifunctional, most notably, electrochromic glass that enables to reduce the energy consumption.

Harten also mentions: “Not only an exchange of contacts is important here. Also, cross disciplinary interaction with company representatives from a broad variety of fields that are hard to reach individually is the most exciting part of this trade fair.”

Mariia A.