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Innovation Lab HySPRINT

Workshop on Nanophotonics for Solar Energy, 17 October 2018, Berlin

The Second European Workshop on Nanophotonics for Solar Energy organized by HySPRINT this year was linked to the Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg

Nanophotonics - enlarged view

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Experts in photovoltaics from seven countries reported on their latest developments and results on nanostructures for the solar cells.  Researchers mostly focused on the enhancement of the light management and absorption in solar cells that would lead to higher efficiencies of the devices. In order to accomplish this goal the scientists discussed – amongst others – the following methods: etching of the surface structures, implementing black silicon texture or placing periodic metallic gratings at the back of solar cell. Several contributors presented results on the tandem devices composed of perovskite top-cell and silicon bottom-cell that promise to gain the efficiencies more than 30%.  

The workshop was organized by Dr. Klaus Jäger and Prof. Christiane Becker from HZB and Dr. Sven Burger from Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB). Becker and Jäger are participating in the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT and the Joint Lab for Optical Simulations for Energy (BerOSE), formed by scientists from HZB, ZIB and Freie Universität Berlin. The workshop was a follow up of the first one established in 2015. Now it has expanded to 59 participants including 15 contributors.

This time, the Nanophotonics workshop was a part of the Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg, which is organized by the OptecBB network. Next to nine workshops, the Photonic Days hosted an industry exhibition with more than 40 German companies. During the exhibition the science communication team of the Helmholtz Innovation Lab supported by researchers presented the project and successfully exchanged contacts with many visitors of the HySPRINT booth.

The participants of the Workshop on Nanophotonics for Solar Energy decided that this workshop should be regularly organized every two years as a part of the Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg.


Mariia A.