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Innovation Lab HySPRINT

Latest innovation in inkjet printing of metal-halide perovskite devices at a glance

Latest innovation in inkjet printing


A new work performed in the GenFab Lab of the Helmholtz Innovation Lab HySPRINT gives a comprehensive overview of the recent advances in the production of inkjet-printed metal halide perovskites (MHPs) for optoelectronic devices and their applications. Inkjet-printing is a reliable production technology already used in many industrial sectors from graphics to medicine and printed electronics.

Dr. Florian Mathies from GenFab, first author of the paper, says, “Manufacturing of the MHPs via inkjet printing is very promising for the industrial application. This technology is flexible, digital, cost-effective and highly controllable. We show that the fabrication of efficient MHP-based devices is possible with the combination of appropriate inks, substrates and printing parameters.” Indeed, the efficiency of inkjet-printed MHP-based solar cells now is almost 21%. The authors foresee that MHP devices fabricated by inkjet-printing can be scaled up to commercial size paving the way towards their extensive production. Read the full article here>