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General information

At HZB, telephony, which has a consistent external appearance, is essentially a complex interplay of several telephone systems of different age, manufacturers and technologies that are distributed to both sites (Wannsee and Adlershof) and connected to each other in different ways. The department IT-SB is primarily responsible for the operation of these telephone systems.

Please send your questions, problems, concerns or requests by e-mail to telefonie@helmholtz-berlin.de. Alternatively, you can also use the contact form of the service desk.

Conference call

If your workplace already has a Voice over IP phone, you can request your own conference room in your Phone-Portal.

You can also start a conference call without logging in or registering with the provider 1&1 Versatel (paid, instructions and further information) or Globafy (free, instructions and further information).

New telephony (Voice over IP)

We are modernizing and unifying HZB-wide telephony at the sites. The new telephony uses a completely different technology: Voice over IP (VoIP). The simple telephoning itself does not change. However, the new technology is more scalable, future-proof, unifies and simplifies the current telephone infrastructure and offers more possibilities for integration and adaptation in the HZB environment. We have already implemented these possibilities in a first step.

You can manage your phone from anywhere on the intranet using the My Phone-Portal web application.

In addition to central servers and components, new end-devices and telephones are also necessary for VoIP. These are rolled out step by step throughout HZB. Please understand that this takes a lot of time due to the quantity and individuality and that we determine the order based on defined parameters.

Instructions as well as Frequently asked questions and answers (german only) for the new VoIP phones from Polycom we have provided for you.

DECT over VoIP (cordless telephony)

In the new VoIP environment we now also provide a central DECT telephony. The uniform DECT telephones from Spectralink (optional with belt clip) communicate via radio (DECT) with base stations, which are installed at selected locations on campus. The base stations in turn communicate with the rest of the infrastructure via VoIP.

With this solution (compared to e.g. the Analog Gigaset DECT telephones) some comfort functions are added, e.g. signaling of phone number and name, a central phone book and central administration options.
Further information/order by request to telefonie@helmholtz-berlin.de.

Manuals for Spectralink 7622:

Manuals for Spectralink 7722:

System/ISDN - landline telephony

Short descriptions for the landline telephones at the Wannsee site (type Nortel / Avaya M3903 and M3904):

Short description (german)
Short description (english)

Note: Not all functions described by the manufacturer may be supported.

Cordless (DECT) telephony at the Adlershof site

If you need a cordless phone, please talk to your supervisor first. Then please send an e-mail specifying the reason to telefonie@helmholtz-berlin.de.

Mobile telephony

For contract-related questions, please contact Mr. Seidler. The service desk supports you in technical matters concerning your mobile phone.