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Information Technology

Installing software via the Software Center

The HZB Software Center is a service that is automatically available to all centrally managed computers. Currently, the software center is only available with an active connection to the HZB network. 

Various software for Windows computers is offered here. You do not need administrator rights for the installation. Many of the installations offered here only need to be executed. In some cases, however, you must be able to perform necessary configurations yourself.

The Softeware Center for the installation of Windows programs can be found in the lower right corner of your taskbar. There you will find a green puzzle piece icon.

Double-click on the puzzle piece to open the software center. The programs are divided into different categories, but can also be found directly using the search function.

Only freely available programs are displayed, or programs for which a license has been purchased.

Click on "Install", "Execute" or "Update" to install a program in the current version.

For already installed programs you will also find provided updates.


Click on the software icon to get a detailed overview of the software.





In the category HZB-Support you will find the current TeamViewer client, which you can start to give our support access to your computer. Furthermore, you will find the so-called NETinfo, which lists the name, IP address and other details of your client - this is important information for the support and you will surely be asked for it.





The HZB software center is provided by the department IT-FH.

The manufacturer of the used product - ACMP - is Aagon.


The small icons are from Simpleicon.