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CA Lab SoftIOC


  • PV set
    •  Cluster-array of names, data types and field definitions to create a new EPICS PV
  • Soft IOC configuration file
    • Target of configuration (db-file)
  • Force one Soft IOC (F)
    • Optional
    • TRUE: other running Soft IOC sessions are terminated
    • FALSE: ask if there are other running Soft IOC sessions
  • minimize IOC (T)
    • Optional
    • TRUE: Soft IOC runs invisible
    • FALSE: Soft IOC runs visible in a console window
  • error in (no error)


  • Result
    • Initial output of Soft IOC shell (checkpoint of errors)
  • command line
    • Optional
    • Command string: How the Soft IOC shell was called
  • IOC started
    • TRUE: Soft IOC runs and is ok
    • FALSE: Soft IOC is in trouble (check "result")
  • error out
    • Global I/O error

All created EPICS variables will be destroyed when CaLabSoftIOC stops.

Configuration Set

PV Name

  • Name of new EPICS variable (Please check whether this name is unique in your network!!! CaLabGet is a good tool to do that.)


  • User defined description of PV

Data type

Number of elements (waveform only)

  • Use for data type "waveform" only!
  • Size of array (elements)

Element size (waveform only)

  • Use for data type "waveform" only!
  • Data type of array elements

Array of field definitions

  • Field-value-set to define properties of EPICS variable
  • read more