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CA Lab Init


  • PV Name(s)
    • Name of EPICS variable OR string array of EPICS variable names
    • Attention if you use an array of EPICS variable names!
      Mixed target data types arise as a result of a 2-D array with size of:
      number of names multiplied by size of largest data type of the group
  • Field Names
    • Optional
    • String array of static EPICS fields ("EGU", "DESC" etc.)
  • Timeout (3)
    • Optional
    • Timeout for Channel Access requests in seconds (1-255)
    • Default value: 3 seconds
  • Write Synchronous (F)
    • optional
    • TRUE:
      • writes value(s) after waiting for the end of record processing
    • FALSE:
      • default
      • writes value(s) without waiting for the end of record processing
  • Error in (no error)


  • CA Lab data
    • Cluster with preinitialized data
  • Error out
    • Global I/O error

CaLabGet.vi and CaLabPut.vi can use "CA Lab data" cluster as input (first connector) to skip their automatically internal initialisation. Preinitialized CaLabGet.vi and CaLabPut.vi will start faster.

CaLabInit.vi is good if a VI uses a large number (>100) of EPICS PVs.