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Information Technology

Our services according to server systems

Server Maintenance

For servers from our portfolio or if it has been specifically agreed upon we carry out regular, i.e. approx. biannual, maintenance. As a server user you will receive an e-mail reminder about two weeks in advance. After the maintenance has been completed, we will inform you about the results by e-mail, as well.

Please note that we will never restart your servers without prior agreement (except in case of safety-critical incidents, in which event we will do so in accordance with the IT Security Officer). If a restart is necessary, e.g. to apply new configuration, we will discuss the best course of action with you. Also a restart during maintenance is to be expected.

For your information: Windows servers from our portfolio are updated weekly by default and therefore restarted if necessary - unless otherwise agreed with us.

If any errors are found during the maintenance, we will inform you about them and offer you solutions.

During maintenance we check the following parameters:


-access: currently loggend in users, last loggend in users, administrators, local users, passwords, permissions

-vHardware/hardware: state of hard disks, RAM and netword load

-configurations: network settings, monitoring, backup

-updates, running daemons, log files, journal



Modification to servers

If you have a server in our support which needs adjustments - for instance, if a different user group should have access or if a partition needs to be enlarged -  please contact help@helmholtz-berlin.de. We will take care of your request as soon as possible.

Back up of servers

Server backups are performed by the department for infrastructure within the IT department (IT-IS).

Systems that are set up and supported by us are backed up by default. The status of each system is stored once a day outside normal working hours. As a user of the system you should not be affected by this.

Every backup is stored for 6 weeks. This means that you can have your system restored to a state from up to 6 weeks ago. If you need a longer storage of a saved system, a longer period (i.e. 6 month) can be arranged.

If you want to restore one of your systems, please contact help@helnholtz-berlin.de.