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Information Technology

How do you get a new server?

Our server portfolio includes configurations that, in our experience, are suitable for the majority of applications. All of these systems are monitored, maintained and backuped by us.

  • Please fill out the forms below carefully. Incorrect and incomplete information may lead to queries and therefore delays.
  • The creation of a virtual system from our portfolio should normally take about a week. We will get back to you as soon as possible after creation. You can see the status of the processing in this Kanboard view.
  • Please also note our naming convention for servers.
  • Please be aware that some operating systems require licensing. If you have any questions regarding licenses for operating systems or licensing in general, please contact help@helmholtz-berlin.de.

If you need a hardware server, please order hardware below.

If none of the configurations down below fit your needs, please request an other server.

Please consider that building a freely defined system may take a bit longer than one included in the portfolio. Please also keep in mind that our resources are limited and we are bound by the guidelines set by the IT Security Officer/administrator.

If you need basic consultation/advice, please see our page on counselling.

Please also refer to the pages of the IT Security Officer and the IT User Regulations.

Windows (Server 2016, Server 2019)

  • GUI
  • vHardware: 2 CPUs, 8GB RAM, system partition 50GB
  • network: Windows server
  • software: post-installation of various packages
  • weekly updates (Mon or Fri, reboot may be necessary)

Order here

Other server

  • You choose the virtual or physical hardware, network settings and software yourself in consultation with us.
  • Please note that hardware servers must first be procured and additional costs will be incurred here.

Please only select this option if none of the other configurations mentioned is suitable for your application.

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