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Information Technology

Elimination of servers

To provide unsued resources to other personnel, please contact help@hemholtz-berlin.de if you no longer need a system.

Please ensure that you have saved all your data on the system elsewhere before before you ask us to delete a virtual server. If you require us to back up your data, please contact help@helmholtz-berlin.de.

If your system is already backed up by us (either because it has been explicitly agreed upon or because you have chosen a server from our portfolio), the last backup will age out irretrievably after 6 weeks. Therefore you would have 6 weeks to restore your server after it has been deleted, in case of need. If you have agreed on a backup for 6 months, you would have 6 months to restore it.

Please note that if a system isn't active in our network for a longer period of time, you will be contacted by our network department or by ourselves to clarify the further use of the system.