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Remote Access for Experiments (REX)

We offer remote access for selected experiments. Experiments can be performed remotely using the remote control software NoMachine. Instruments, devices and samples - if set up - can also be observed remotely using webcams.

NoMachine (foris)

The measuring computer is controlled via screen sharing by the software NoMachine. HZB scientist and measuring guest both see the screen of the measuring computer remotely (e.g. also from the measuring guest's home institute). The guest does not have to be on site at the Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin.

[internal] NoMachine information for HZB employees

The access is set up by the respective scientist. To use the access, the free software NoMachine Enterprise Client is required. Below you will find the downloads. Choose the appropriate system and install the software on your computer from which you want to access the measurement computer at the HZB:

Downloads - NoMachine Enterprise Client (free)


  1. Download Installer: 64 und 32 Bit
  2. Execute and click through the setup

Linux - Debian/Ubuntu based

  1. Download package:  64Bit (recommended)32Bit
  2. Execute and click through the setup. Alternatively from the command line: sudo dpkg -i <fileName>.deb

Linux - CentOS/RedHat based

  1. Download package:  64Bit (recommended)  |  32Bit
  2. Execute and click through the setup. Alternatively from the command line: sudo rpm -ivh <fileName>.rpm


  1. Download Installer
  2. Execute and click through the setup


  1. After starting the NoMachine Enterprise Client, please add a new connection to "foris.helmholtz-berlin.de". Keep the default settings.
  2. When starting the connection, you will be asked for user name and password. You will receive the credentials from the scientist.
  3. After logging in, you will see the computers of the experiment you have registered for.
    Please proceed as instructed by the scientist.


The connection via NoMachine runs over the protocol NX.
Please make sure that outgoing network traffic from your network to "foris.helmholtz-berlin.de" is allowed on the destination ports TCP 443 and 4000 (+ the responses on the way back).


1. if port 4000 is blocked, TCP port 8080 can be used as an alternative to 4000. This port must then be specified when setting up the connection to foris.helmholtz-berlin.de in the NoMachine Enterprise Client (on guest side) (see screenshot).

2. If you are unable to install the NoMachine software due to missing administrator privileges or if you are unable to unlock port 4000 and 8080 (or have it unlocked), please use the web interface https://foris.helmholtz-berlin.de in the browser.
No installation or port unlocking is then necessary. However, the connection via the NoMachine software is more performant and faster than the web interface.


Please check with the HZB Scientist if a webcam is set up for your experiment.

Access to the webcams is described below: Access to Experiment - Webcams