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Information Technology


The WiFi “HZB-STAFF” is only relevant for HZB employees who need to access services with HZB owned end devices (especially notebooks) which are only reachable via the intranet. These services are, for example, printing on central HZB printers or conducting releases on file shares.

If you want to access the internet or HZB services which are externally reachable (e.g. the HZB e-mail) with your mobile client you can use the WiFi “eduroam”. 

Notebooks & tablets with Windows OS which are member of the AD domain basisit.de

Please send an e-mail indicating the name of your device (notebook or tablet) and your HZB identifier (three letter ID) to the helpdesk .

After the authorization of the Helpdesk you have to connect your client with a network cable and restart it.

In case your device is a tablet, please contact the Helpdesk to get a USB network adapter.

After restarting your client, you have to log in using your identifier. Restart your client again and disconnect the network cable.

You are now connected to the WiFi “HZB-STAFF”.

Notebooks & tablets with Linux OS, iOS, macOS Notebooks & tablets with Windows OS which are no member of the AD domain basisit.de

Please make an appointment with the Helpdesk via helpdesk .

We will check whether your client is in line with the HZB security requirements and install the required certificates for the WiFi “HZB-STAFF” jointly.

Please bring your client with you to the Helpdesk when having the appointment.

Important information

Android clients are not supported.

“HZB-STAFF“ is neither destined nor activated for the access to BESSY and BER-II services.

There will be a new administration for the WiFi accesses of HZB guests soon.

“eduroam“ will be harmonized at both sites in Wannsee and Adlershof until the end of 2017. You may reach less HZB internal services than right now.

“WPAPSK“ will be deactivated by the end of 2017 at the latest.