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Information Technology


Safety note: Employees of HZB will never ask for your password. Never share passwords with anyone.

Where do I need which password?

  • HZB-account and password
    to login to

    • WindowsPCs, Exchange-Server/webmail, terminalserver, SharePoint portals
      You may have to quote your Windows domain membership:
      basisit\xyz or as an alternative xyz@basisit

    • Linux/Unix-systems, Wikis

    • WIFI eduroam or HZB-Guest
      in the form xyz@helmholtz-berlin.de
  • Web-username (this is your e-mail address)  and web-password
    to get access to web applications und protected webpages

Please note:

The web applications

use separate password management. Don't use the same password as your internal, external or web password here.

Instruction to change passwords (PDF)


A moderately safe password will:

  • have at least 8 characters length
  • contain letters and numbers
  • contain special characters
  • contain small and capital letters
  • not be a word of a common language
  • not be a simple sequence of characters

You are kindly advised to change your password from time to time. If you may think it is compromised, you should it change immediately.

Use the following web applications

to change your passwords.

If you have to write down your passwords, please keep them as safe as your banknotes!