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Usage hints

The servers are intended for interactive use only.

If your programs can be parallelized and/or can be used in batch mode, you should use the HPC cluster dirac. This allows you to speed up your jobs up to two orders of magnitude.

The different versions of the servers should facilitate the porting of older software.

Please use the server with the latest version of Linux. Compile and develop new progams on the server with the latest Linux version only!

Long-running processes are automatically prioritized in the interest of all users, depending on their previously achieved runtime. As a result, the response time for newly launched programs remains tolerable even with many long term jobs running.

The computers are operated according to the fair-use principle. Excessive use of the limited resources (e.g., large parts of the main storage) will hamper you and all other users. Please limit your jobs to a resonable RAM usage compared with the CPU usage. Jobs with excessive storage usage may be deleted by the IT department.