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Information Technology

Working from home

This page is intended to provide information on working from home, especially in times of the spread of the corona virus, when there is an increasing need for work and collaboration from home.

Please note that under certain circumstances, help can only be provided to a limited extent for private environments, as unknown conditions of the technical environment may play a role in relation to the reported problem.

Video Conferences and Chats

It is a practical solution to use video conferencing when face-to-face meetings cannot take place.

The DFN-VC is an external videoconferencing service of DFN. However, this service may be overloaded right now. We have no control over the availability. DFN checks the development of the utilization of DFNconf on a daily basis and - if possible - adjusts the capacities to the demand. As an alternative you can use e.g. our own Lync/Skype for Business solution with which you can have chats, group chats and audio and video conferences. Screen sharing is also possible. Unfortunately, Lync clients are only available for Windows, macOS and as mobile app for Android and iOS. Users of Linux systems may use the chat feature with the Skype for Business client from the SAS farm.

Please note the following tips when working with Skype for Business, formerly Lync:
If you are working with your computer that is physically located in HZB via an RDP connection or if you are connected to the terminal server, Skype for Business can only be used in a limited way. Chatting is possible without problems, but video conferencing is only possible with a loss of performance or not at all. Please install the "Skype for Business" client on your local PC at home (installation guide).
Our helpdesk will assist you with the installation (Tel. 030/8062-42500)


Telephone Conference

There are basically 2 options available to you:

  1. Use the softphone Linphone on your PC or smartphone to make calls with your HZB phone number from anywhere in the world. With Linphone, your HZB phone number is also used for outgoing calls.
  2. Forward your HZB number via the Phone-Portal or the phone itself. For outgoing calls, however, you must use your private number.

Availability by phone

To remain contactable by phone, simply redirect your telephone via the telephone set itself or from outside HZB via the Phone-Portal.

Please note that providers are currently experiencing increased call volumes. Sporadically but very rarely calls in the public network cannot be connected.

E-mail communication

You can access your e-mail through the Outlook client on the SAS Farm or alternatively use Webmail (OWA) on any PC with an Internet connection.

Access to internal resources (file shares, drives, internal web pages)

The terminal server farm SAS and the remote desktop gateway RICA are at your disposal.

The SAS farm consists of several computers on which you can log on via Remote Desktop and find a normal Windows desktop with Office, Web browser and much more. From there you can access your group drives and file shares, for example.

  • BETA: There is already a new, faster SAS Farm available, which you can already use due to the circumstances. Instead of sas.helmholtz-berlin.de please use sasg2.helmholtz-berlin.de in the remote desktop window. The SAP GUI is also available there.

Another possibility is, for example, ssh access over a so-called tunnel via the remote access computer display.helmholtz-berlin.de.

You can also access internal Web pages directly from external PCs. When you click on My Intranet at the bottom of each page you will be asked for your web password and thus gain access to internal websites from outside HZB.

Do you have further questions?

You will find many more services on our IT Services webpages.

We are also available for IT questions under the e-mail address help@helmholtz-berlin.de.