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Standard hardware

You can choose from several standard configurations of desktop computer and laptops. The selection of standard hardware is updated regularly.

The devices comply with HZB standards and can therefore be ordered directly from the e.biss procurement system. (In the e.biss catalogue in .Webshop) Here you will find instructions for ordering in e.biss.

Criteria for the selection of the standard hardware are among other things:

  1. A hardware warranty of four years.
  2. Next-day-support of four years is guaranteed for defective hardware.
  3. There are certified hardware drivers for the operating system.
  4. Reliable, coordinated hardware components are installed.
  5. They are low-noise and yet powerful systems.
  6. The environmental protection (RoHS-compatible and lead-free manufactured) is considered.

You need a special device? In this case, please contact the Service Desk.
Please order additional PC hardware components from an external supplier from e.biss.