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Mailbox size / Quota

  • The maximum mailbox size (or quota) for each e-mail account is 20 gigabytes, which corresponds to approximately 20,000,000 (text) e-mails.
  • When the limit of 19 GB is reached, you will receive an automatically generated warning.
  • We can't clean up your mailbox. This is solely due to the access of the account holder.
  • You can view your current space usage at any time in Outlook by clicking the "File" menu and looking in the "Mailbox Settings" section or by using Outlook Web App. Just let your mouse "fly" over the mailbox (your name), the quota information will be displayed directly. (picture)
  • The more orderly and smaller your mailbox is, the faster and smoother you can work with it.
  • More than 500 folders (including all subfolders) noticeably slow down access to a mailbox.

Maximum number of e-mails to be sent per 24h

The maximum number of e-mails that can be sent within 24 hours is 200. A centrally managed mail distribution list counts as one e-mail.

This limitation was introduced in order to limit the damage to HZB in the event that an e-mail account is compromised and subsequently misused for mass spam sending.

Should you ever need to send more than 200 e-mails in one day, e.g. in preparation of an event, you have the possibility to temporarily increase or even lift this limit completely here. After 2 days, the standard limit of 200 e-mails per 24h will automatically be set again, for your safety and for the safety of HZB.

Maximum e-mail size

The maximum size of an e-mail is limited to 100 MB at HZB.

However, when using OWA (webmail), there is a further (technical) limitation of 25 MB per attached file.

E-mails sent with a smartphone via ActiveSync may not exceed 10MB. When using EWS (Exchange Web Services), e.g. Apple's mail program Mail or Outlook for Mac, there is a size limit of 25MB.

Please note the following:

  • Many mail servers outside HZB do not allow the reception of such large mails. In such a case your e-mail would be rejected by the receiving mail server.
  • Attached files become about 50% larger than they were originally, due to protocol reasons. Attached files with a total volume of 70 MB can therefore already be rejected by the mail server.
    E-mails of this size can quickly cause your communication partners to exceed their mailbox quota.
  • Larger files can also be made available via the HZB cloud nubes, also password protected. With the web application sendmail, attachments of up to 150 MB in size can be sent, even from external partners to HZB addresses.