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Information Technology

E-mail at HZB

All e-mail traffic to the HZB comes to us via servers at DFN, our Internet provider. DFN provides us with a service that significantly reduces the amount of spam and malware (viruses, worms, Trojans) in our e-mail. From there, the e-mail is routed via a Linux mail cluster (2 servers) to the mailboxes on the Exchange 2010 server (consisting of 2 client access servers and 2 mailbox servers).

E-mail addresses of users of our mail server can be found via people search.

You have the following alternatives for accessing your mailbox

  • You can use Outlook or an e-mail program with the IMAPS protocol, e.g. Thunderbird.
  • You can use Webmail with any browser.
  • You use a mobile device (smartphone, tablet,...).

To share large documents or files, please use alternative options such as the web application sendmail (also usable from external) or the HZB-cloud nubes.