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Information Technology

Printing at HZB

Printers in the HZB are exclusively connected to the network (LAN) and are operated via central print servers. A computer sends its data to be printed about one of these servers. They are queued and then transferred one by one to the printers.

The names of the printer queues are always the same for all servers. Depending on the function, a printer can have several printer queues, e.g. for printing on different formats (A4, A3,...) or media types (paper, foil,...).

Depending on the system from which you want to print, you have the following options

Special printer

For large-format prints in color (up to A0 landscape), there are large-fromat printers supported by IT and operated via a status and job processing page.


Please follow our recommendations for pruchases/commissioning.

For any hardware related problems, please contact the central HZB HelpDesk.