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Information Technology



There are some minimum requirements for new printers:

  • network capability (LAN-Port)
  • no additional software is necessary for usage (except windows and linux drivers)

If in doubt, please contact the IT department. Please use our web form to register a new printer. Please enter the printer type here under further details.


For the configuration of the network card please enter DHCP as IP configuration type. The printer then receives all necessary network information from a DHCP server without having to enter it at the printer. Printers without DHCP must not be purchased.

The IT department sets up new queues for network printers on the printer servers cups-a.helmholtz-berlin.de , cups-w.helmholtz-berlin.de or winprint. After that you can use the printer.

When using the printers from Windows computers, please follow the instructions in printer installation as domain user. For the use of Linux computers no further action is necessary.

Recommendation for new printers

UTAX (by Kyocera) current design with PCL and Postscript

The UTAX printers are easy to handle and run very reliable.

For special requirements, there are model suggestions from IT. Do not hesitate to contact us!